We are a team, rather a group of veteran artists, having honed our innate skills, over three decades ago, at the erstwhile Bandra School of Art, our alma mater, known today as the Raheja School of Art. Most of us have been successful professionals, with wide recognition, enviable reputation and distinct individual identity in our chosen field of activity.

Again, people come together for various reasons. Broadly, there are two types: Those who want an escape, however short, from the dull, drab, dreary and disenchanting routine at regular or frequent intervals just to relax, rewind, indulge and make merry with a gay abandon in each other’s company. Only to get recharged. The other type generally is in their twilight years who want to add real ‘life’ to their ‘years’ in every possible way, after having just added years to their life throughout their youth and middle age owing to material compulsions and myriad responsibilities. What is common to both types is the desire to come together to enhance their experience.

Well, so much for art and the changed scenario. Man has been a social animal, He likes to mingle, interact, share and contribute as also benefit from the company of others, especially those of his ilk besides like-minded noble souls. For it serves to create a common forum and a platform that widens his horizon, enriches him through educative and enlightening dialogue, discussion and debate and above all, offers him an opportunity as also the necessary resourcefulness, material as well as moral, to translate his shared vision into reality. And when several such ‘birds of the same feather’ turn happy at their very reunion, have been yearning to meet each other for years, and at once join hands with a determination to collaborate and contribute towards realising their shared vision and common goal, thereby giving back to the society, in some measure, with a sense of gratitude, commitment, duty and charity so that the truly deserving and needy do not have to languish in wilderness and wither away for want of means, it becomes the veritable inspiration, nay, the raison-de-etre for the institutionalization of their philanthropic perspective.

We are no different. What is different is our purpose. Most of us have had very humble beginnings and all of us have been through the vicissitudes of life. All the same, we have enjoyed life and savored all there is to senses during the prime of our youth. And have also fulfilled our family commitments. Yet, all of us have a desire and heartfelt urge to reach out and do whatever little we can for those for whom even everyday life is an ordeal. We mean there are countless talented children in faraway places who could blossom into tomorrow’s successful artists. However, where two square meals a day is a dream, a career in art is a far cry, unless they receive adequate and timely material support, besides much-needed guidance and encouragement. Indeed, we have made it our mission to prevent countless such ‘flowers’ from being nipped in the bud.

It so happened that during one of our visits to a remote village, even as we were imbibing the sights and sounds with a sense of wonder, we were appalled by the plight and misery of the inhabitants. On closer inquiry, we were moved to know that among the hapless hundreds were many budding and promising artists for whom a helping hand could make all the difference.

It was there and then that we found our real purpose. On our way back, someone among us recited a stanza from a poem entitled ‘Elegy wrote in a country churchyard by Thomas Gray, which portrays the pathos in the lives of the less fortunate with a vivid analogy, as follows:

Full many a gem of purest ray serene
The dark, unfathomed caves of ocean bear
Full many a flower is born to blush unseen
And waste its sweetness on the desert air.

- Artband

To sum up, we are an association of past students of an art school who sincerely wish to contribute in various ways towards shaping, molding and paving the future of truly deserving artists who have the potential to make it big. We would, of course, conduct workshops, seminars, exhibitions, study tours, competitions round the year, among other activities besides inviting luminaries to share their views and experiences and felicitating veteran artists who have made a difference by leaving their indelible imprint on their body of work.

Nevertheless, our focus will be the underprivileged, less fortunate children who are in dire need of material support, offered with genuine concern and a caring heart. Indeed, all of us are single-mindedly committed to making a difference to their lives by enabling them to translate their dream progressively into reality in the years to come.

Our Objectives & Policy

Art is an extremely powerful medium. Indeed, it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If used imaginatively, intelligently and strategically it can be a catalyst of social reform, given it’s potential to influence mass psychology and not just public opinion through the vivid, illustrative depiction of various social ills which have become formidable obstacles in the path of its progress and development.

And every individual being just a constituent of the society, there is a crying need for creating awareness and educating people, especially those in and from the mofussil areas with a view to inculcating good values in them so that they become responsible and worthy citizens.

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